Dive at Sea Saba!!

Explore some of the best diving in the world at Sea Saba! Established in the 1980’s, Saba’s National Marine Park offers over 30 varied dive sites teaming with life and breathtaking otherworldly topography. No worries; no crowds!  M/V Giant Stride and M/V Sea Dragon are U.S. Coast Guard certified for 20 divers BUT our maximum is only 10 divers*.   "A boat is a boat" you might say? Not on Saba!  Delta boats are specifically designed as the ideal dive platform, highly regarded in the dive industry for more than 35 years. The heavier, well designed hulls and keels provide more comfort and safety in heavier seas which means we can get you to a greater variety of dive sites.



Many opportunities for hiking on Saba either as your main diversion or on off days from diving.  Trails range from easy to strenuous.  There are four main vegetation types on the island Dry Scrub, Dry forest, Rain forest and Cloud forest at the highest elevation.
Most popular and beginning in Windwardside is Mount Scenery steps leading to the highest point in the Netherlands.  Expansive ocean views are abundant at every turn.  Be sure to stop at the Saba Conservation Commission Trail Shop for maps and advice.  There is complete trail guide “Hiking on Saba” available in the house to find your perfect adventure!

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New to Diving? No Problem! Sea Saba offers full training and certification.